Our vision is to make every customer successful. We see ourselves as catalysts for new knowledge, meaning we collect the latest research and evaluate, adapt and put these in our herds. We want our customers to be as much as possible and have access to the latest knowledge.

We work as crew veterinarians in herds with piglet production, pig production, suggnav and satellites. We are working to see the whole crew and has a unique breadth of our expertise. In addition to training in veterinary medicine, we also provide training in leadership as economics and engineering.

The business is based on regular and planned herd visits, usually under the conditional use of medicines. Our goal is to continually advance the health status and production so that the results are constantly improving. We solve problems and help with advice that increase productivity, such as the growth of the piglets increases, the infection pressure is lowered, piglet mortality is decreasing and the number of births is increasing. Within our company’s unique expertise to also systematize and solve the so-called ”Unsolvable problems”.

We have good contacts with all the feed business in the market and can also help in foderoptimeringen. We cooperate with the feed business You like pig business owners choose.

Internally, we also work with our own infection control to minimize the risk of bringing infections between herds. We have a separate program for MRSA.