Small animals

We have a small animal clinic with reception on Tuesday evenings where we are by appointment assist you with vaccinations and minor investigations and surgical procedures.

We are happy to initial contact and refer you on to Varberg Animal Clinic or its affiliates unless we have the resources for your animal.

We are distributors of Specifics dog and cat food and care products for dogs, cats and horses.

The Specifics range of feeds available in addition puppy / kitten, adult and senior feed for healthy animal diet food for various disease states such as food allergies, urinary stones, arthritis, renal and hepatic impairment and obesity.

The care product range includes ear cleaning for dogs and cats, shampoos for different skin problems and wipes for cleaning the skin folds.

We always have 10% discount on all feed. For fresh fodder for dogs and cats are also discount cards where you get the 5th bag with 50% discount.